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Back to school shopping season has begun. Teachers send out their lists of recommended school supplies that serve as a guide to parents that are preparing their kids’ needs for the upcoming start of school. Teachers also need fun supplies to get themselves and their students motivated for back to school too. Here’s a list of back-to-school essentials for Teachers.

  • Chalks

  • Erasers

  • Colored Chalks

  • Black, Red and Blue Ballpoint Pens

  • Sticky Notes

Those are the few and basic supplies that every Teacher should have specially for a new school year. Preparing and listing out your school needs can save you from spending costly items. Start making lists today!

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Enhance your teaching vocabulary skills with an incredibly useful and flexible resource like Flash Cards.

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Planning to buy the following:




*Pencil Holders


Buy them all or more, but spend less! Check out this article.

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Having a neat and well-organized desk can help reduce stress at work and also gives you a positiveand hassle-free working environment. But, getting your desk systematized can be a bit confusing on what are the right things you need to attain a well-ordered desk top. Here are a few items you might want to consider.

Business Card Holders

Keeps important contacts right at your fingertips. Color metal frame allows you to personalize to your décor.Features strong tubular design with rubber feet to protect desktops and prevent slipping. Holds 200 cards and includes 24 A-to-Z tabs.

Index Cards

Ruled index cards make note-taking easy and simple. Cards are rotary-cut for uniform height and horizontally ruled on one side only for versatile note-taking space. Each card offers an 8 point thickness, 72 lb. basis weight and a 160 GSM index cardstock.


Reversible book end is part of the Victor Midnight Black Collection that combines functional solutions with appealing design elements. It is also ideal for any desktop or bookcase at home or the office. Reversible book end provides a functional reversible design that allows left or right support. Two small, repositionable drawers and an open slot are useful for holding small items.

Phone Stands

It keeps your cell phone, smart phone or other small electronic device at the ready. Comes complete with patented click and lock-fastening pins to attach to fabric-covered panels (may be removed without damaging fabric) or can be attached directly to wall with screws (not provided). Holder contains post-consumer recycled material.

Isn’t it great to work on a cozy working table? Start organizing your desk today using these amazing desk accessories.

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